RevereNd Clay Evans
Founder, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

“Arnold is friendly, cooperative and outgoing. He is a responsible, caring individual who gives his best in all his endeavors. He has always exhibited Christian character and Christian professionalism. I have given him numerous assignments and in all areas he has produced excellent results.”

Rena Tate-Bowman
Director of Social Services, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

“We have hosted services attended by such notables and President and Mrs. Obama, Governor Pat Quinn and former Mayor Richard Daley to name a few. Sometimes we were able to anticipate the “high profile” status early on. At other times we didn’t get the information until the last minute. Either way I can always count on PK Security to meet with the Chicago Police Department, the United States Secret Service or any other necessary law enforcement department to provide a safe and secure climate.

PK Security has the uncanny ability to defuse any potential problem with a discreet, “no nonsense,” and calm yet sympathetic approach when called upon to keep or restore order.”

LaDawna Reed
Greater Chicagoland Church Security Commission, Inc.

“PK Security Inc. has been successful in introducing and implementing specific trainings and workshops such as the 20-hour unarmed certification, self-defense training and sexual predator workshop, in addition to ongoing discussions related to church incidents occurring worldwide.”

Perika J. Sampson
Dearborn Consulting Partners

“I have had the pleasure of working with PK Security on several internal and external initiatives over the last nine months that required onsite security. I have found PK Security to be responsive and thorough in their review of our volunteers, partners and constituents.

PK Security has conducted background checks and security screening for all of the programs including the GED Partnership with Kennedy King College as well as for the After School and Gladiators Mentor programs. In addition, they have consulted on security issues related to Fellowship’s partnership with Kennedy King College. They have also participated in meetings with Kennedy Kind College’s Director of Security related to insight security and partner sites. In December 2012, PK Security also provided guidelines for managing security for high-profile individuals representing the Illinois Department of Corrections and several board members of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board.”

Brian McAuliffe
Director of Risk Management, Willow Creek Community Church

“I have known Arnold Coleman for over a year in his capacity as Director of Security for the Fellowship MB Church. Arnold and I have discussed our security plans and details for our organizations. He has a great understanding of any situation that he is in. This allows him to create and operate a very detailed, focused, in-depth security plan. He truly understands the necessary of those he utilizes on the PK Security team, equips and trains them well and provides them the necessary protocols to carry out a successful plan. Similarly, he had built the necessary volunteer teams to achieve goals at their site.

Arnold in a great team player. He approaches his work with passion and enthusiasm. In summary, I highly recommend PK Security Inc. for any security role he will seek. I believe that he will be a valuable asset to any organization.”